Hyatt| A World of Understanding

Hyatt| A World of Understanding

This new emotional Hyatt commercial was produced by production company Stink USA,  directed by Salomon Lighthelm, and cast by award winning casting director Mark Summers and his team. Mark Summers Casting was tasked with finding a range of diverse actors to feature in this commercial. Mark and his team went on an international casting looking to convey diversity in it’s truest form. Mark Summers Casting took pride in this commercial; being such a diverse casting company the whole team put time, energy, and love into finding perfect people to show viewers that diversity and inclusion is a positive thing, no matter what is going on in the world. This commercial had filming locations including Spain, Morocco, and Thailand, with multiple other scenes featuring nationalities from all over the world. The whole team was under a strict time constraint, due to the commercials need for a quick turnaround.

In such politically charged times Hyatt created a commercial that displays humanity, inclusiveness, diversity, unity, globalization, culture, and change. This commercial will be debuted during the commercial breaks of the 2017 Oscars, which is one of televisions largest audiences. Following in this years Super Bowl LI commercial footsteps (aside from the step advertising price) the Hyatt ad is meant to strike chords and initiate thought and conversation. To read the Variety article written about this ad follow the link below.

Project Details

Hyatt Hotel Corporation
Salomon Lighthelm

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