Wrigley’s Commercial by Jon Favreau

John Favreau is an amazing talent in every field of moving picture performance. When he was commissioned to direct the new advertisement for 5 Gum, he looked to roof-jumping and Parkour as the inspiration for his campaign, eventually settling on a treatment of a Parkour artist scaling huge computer generated skyscrapers! A tall brief, but one that we at Mark Summers Casting, were all over!

Mark Summers personally oversaw every element of this casting, where we scoured the world to find Parkour superstar Daniel Ilabaca.

Daniel, who has also raced against Jeremy Clarkson’s car in an episode of Top Gear and won MTV’s ultimate Parkour Challenge, was thrilled to take part in this futuristic CGI-based commercial.


Wrigley’s Commercial by Jon Favreau

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