Mark Summers and Natricia team up with Mariah Carey for T-Mobile.

Ever at the front of new technology, it was only natural that T-Mobile selected Mark Summers as Casting Director with Natricia Bernard providing the creative direction for this leading-edge, state of the art hologram-based commercial.

T-Mobile are well known for their viral video stunts including their Welcome Back videos and the famous fake royal wedding earlier this year.

In this video Mariah Carey sings Christmas songs in five different European cities simultaneously to a large excited crowd.

It is, however, all an elaborate hoax. Despite the crowd cheering the famous singer, it all turns out to be a 3D hologram.

The stunt is so realistic that it is only when “Carey” vanishes instantly in a puff of smoke that the crowd knows that something is up. What we can’t be sure about is how real the hologram actually is in real life, or whether the crowds are actors because it would have to be a seriously great illusion to fool that many people.

If it is all real and people were actually singing along, then this could open a whole new market for performers who want to cry off sick from their concerts! Either way, expect this video to get a ton of views for T-Mobile once again all just in time for the lucrative Christmas season.

Mark Summers and Natricia team up with Mariah Carey for T-Mobile.

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