Dancing Domino for Litza Bixler

Mark Summers Agency loves a big pop promo, and it was only natural that pop sensation Jessie J and Director Emil Nava chose us to provide not only all of the dancers on this video, but also the amazing dance talents of long-standing creative director/choreographer Litza Bixler and her assistant Nikki Trow.

Jessie J and Domino – well, we certainly knocked the spots off the competition!

Dancers’ Credits:

Amber Doyle
Claire Meehan
Jasmin J.Thomas
Mandy Liddell
Charlotte Wallcot
Annabel Kutay
Dan Kneightly
Hugo Cortes
JJ inkpen
Shannon Belacastro
Jonathan Jenrin
Kieron Brown
Reggi & Wolf

Dancing Domino for Litza Bixler

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