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Litza Bixler is an artist, a storyteller, a choreographer, and a filmmaker. Litza has over 20 years of experience in the film and arts industries.  Litzas choreography is embodied and visceral, and she has a knack for comedy and emotional nuance. With a keen eye for visual spectacle, she produces work that is quirky,distinctive and engaging. Litza is interested in how dance can tell a story. Similarly, as a writer and director, the transforming body is often her starting point when creating characters and developing narratives. She has worked with a variety of world class actors, artists and personalities, including: Hugh Jackman, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Chris ODowd, Nick Frost, Jessica Biel & Sienna Miller.

Litza’s recent films include Legend, a biopic about the Krays starring Tom Hardy, and Man Up, a romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell.  Other projects include: Choreographic Production and Dance, Fight Choreographer for the salsa film Cuban Fury; the musical feature film Walking on Sunshine; Edgar Wrights latest film The Worlds End; Speed of Light,  a live art piece featuring hundreds of runners in light suits; and Executive Production on Opponent, a short film fusing boxing and dance for Channel Four.

Over the years, Litza has always sought out new creative challenges. In addition to her specialism in film choreography, Litza also develops ideas for film and TV.  She has written several short and feature length screenplays and is currently writing her first novel.


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