Casting Call: WorldWide Search -LEGO® Bricks/Sets

MARK SUMMERS CASTING are looking for Children aged 6-9 years old, who are passionate about LEGO® Bricks/Sets. 

These children love building with LEGO® Bricks, whether it be, a spaceship, a unicorn or even the child’s own imagination. Ideally, you as a parent/caretaker have a moving, interesting and/ or funny story behind your child & family’s passion for LEGO® Products. And/or how it may have helped your child/children, or family during Lockdown, or pre Covid 19. 

This is an exciting project based all around children & their story with LEGO® Products, but also a chance for some of the family to get involved. We are looking for children based in several countries around the world including:
USA, MEXICO, JAPAN, RUSSIA, FRANCE, BRAZIL, THE MIDDLE EAST (Arabic speaking) & CHINA (Mandarin speaking)

The project will be shown on the internet including social media channels around the world. 

The selected Children will be required for 1x filming day between 10th – 21st August, 2020. 

This project has a fast turn-around with a closing date of Monday, 27th July 2020

The Mark Summers Team is waiting to hear from you!

* All expenses are covered & compensation is paid to the final candidates *

If you feel your Child is the perfect fit to share their LEGO® Bricks story with us, please


Please include the following:

Full name of you & your family members
Some snapshots of your child, family & family home
Child, or children’s ages
Contact phone number
Nationality & what country you reside
Why or what your child loves about LEGO® Products?
Brief background on your family & your LEGO® Products story

Any further enquiries, please call the office: 44 (0) 207 229 8413

*Compensation is only paid to the selected candidates that take part in the final filming, there are no expenses for the casting stage*
Please Note: All casting requirements are based on what our client has requested and not the view or wishes of Mark Summers Casting or any of its agents or partners. This brief is not to be copied/ removed or posted on to any other site without written authorization from Mark Summers Ltd or it will be considered a breach of copyright.

Sharing is Caring: