Casting Call: Portable Speaker brand

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting
Date of Casting: Thursday 13th Dec 2018
Production: Portable Speaker brand
Shooting Location: UK
Shooting: Shoot dates: Mid January 2019

Fees: BSF- £250 a day  / £5k
INC of agency fee

Usage fees on confirmation of transmission / client approval-|
Worldwide – 2 years, Client / Brands  Websites, Client / Brands Social Media Channels
Online & Offline Advertising, OOH, PR, Events, Corporate
Sub-License to third parties.


Hero Female: Playing age 17-23 ( looks young enough to be living still at her parents home)

She is a young, independent and free spirited.  She has just left her parents house without support looking to make it on her own as a musician and taking what comes to her on the open road of life. She’s smart, fun, hip and seeking adventure or life experiences. Her greatest aspiration is to make it as a singer & or musician.

She is up to date with style, but tends to dress with a rock ’n’ roll/indie edge to it.

BONUS: If they play any instruments but not a MUST. PLEASE MAKE NOTES


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