Casting Call: GYM VOICE-OVER

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting

Date of Casting:   Thursday or Friday 1 day Sound studio London  W1

Production:   Voice over for GYM brand

Location:     London voice studio 1 of the following 24/25/26/27

Rates: IN USD as it’s for a global client.

Day Fee- $600 Per session- UP TO 4 hrs as many takes as needed.

:30 Spot for Testing + unlimited variations/edits/lifts

. :30/:15L for broadcast and digital use + unlimited variations/edits/lifts

Buy-Out Rate: USA$2,000 buyout or comparable in local currency for 30/:15L for broadcast and social use +

all variations and edits/lifts

+20% agents fee on top of all fees

The UK and all its territories

Internet, digital, social, industrial

Unlimited use of online and social media content

6 months from the first airdate for broadcast on: 15/4/20

We will be holding a casting for this role in-person in London.

Sorry No, self-tapes / VO reels for this project as the client has requested we direct.

We are very quick so it will be 5-10 mins max



Voice over 

Playing a gym instructor

2 lines

British accent

Playing/ sound age 20’s 30’s ( sound)

Male or female VO with a broad British accent.  Upbeat Nothing too heavily the creatives preferably leaning

towards a southern English/neutral accent. Avoid anything too posh. Experienced sounding Gym instructor. Sounds like an upbeat drive time/breakfast radio show 

Confident but not arrogant. Friendly but not soft. Conversational in tone as opposed to overly performed

or broadcaster-ish.

Suggestions  to

Send voice links only no need for Photos / CVs/ videos showreel as this is about the voice.

If you don’t have a voice reel please don’t suggest.

Many Thanks

Mark summers casting

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Please Note:  we are just the casting director  & all casting requirements are based on what our client has requested and not the view or wishes of Mark Summers Casting or any of its agents or partners. This brief is not to be copied/ removed or posted on to any other site including social media without written authorization from Mark Summers Ltd or it will be considered a breach of copyright.

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