Casting Call: Electronics Brand

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting
Date of Casting: Tuesday 4th deC 2018
Production: Electronics Brand.
Shooting Location: UK
Shooting: 7th Dec (1 day only)

BSF: £350
Buyout: £4,000
Inclusive of all agents fees
Shooting days based on 10hrs
Overtime based on 20% per hr after 10hrs.
Usage: Worldwide, 1 year from TX date.
Video + Stills
Digital (Internet and social media)
Events (such as CES or any types of events throughout the year)

For the current usage terms Year 2 is +10%, Year 3 is +10% on top.
If the content increases to TV worldwide then it will an extra £10k on top will be payable.
Plus same terms of Year 2 +10%, Year 3 +10%
Stills are used outside of the original online parameters then it would also be an extra £10k  on top. Plus same terms of Year 2 +10%, Year 3 +10%

Please try not to suggest anyone you know has previously been seen for this casting. (Via Kate & Lou) And if anyone has pencils please be sure to speak to the original Casting Director before assuming anyone is released.


Tidy Guy: Playing age 24-35 (all races) – MUST BE ABLE TO DO THIS IN AN AMERICAN ACCENT!

Looking for a guy who maybe can Rap, this is not a must but could help!
While delivering lines, they slowly and unintentionally develop to a rap its comical.
Ideally he will also be a great actor with some comedy experience.

We want him to be very Square / normal / ordinary / maybe he is nerdy even but he cannot be cool! Or Stand out, it must be surprising to the viewer that he has ended up in this rap. Our guy is organised & tidy, likes things just so.

Dont let the Rap…. throw you off, any one who is musical will be fine its quite slow more poetry like

Clients like the ref of Leonard from Big Bang -HOWEVER WE ARE VERY OPEN MINDED TO THIS CHARACTER




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