Casting Call: Art Show SEAN DE SPARENGO

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting
Date of Casting: Casting by Photos suggestion in by Tuesday 22nd Jan 17
Production: Artist Show
Shoot: Thursday 25th Jan 18 in London studio

Over all
We are casting stills for an art show with one of the UK’s most creative photographers
Sean has over 50 international awards including Cannes Lions, RTS Gold, D&AD pencil, Sharks, Campaign
Gold, BTAA, BDA, Clio, One show, A.I.C.P Gold, Creative Circle Gold’s etc.
Sean is one of our favourite creatives and over the years we have cast for many luxury brands together.
This is not for a commercial production but for an Art gallery show.
The whole production team are working on this production for free.
The cast will get to work with Sean, with amazing styling & choreographer team.
We would like to book 12 people and spend 45mins – 1 hour in total with each.
We will shoot both stills and moving images.
Each person will get a very small fee & will get an Artist proof of the image & will be invited to the art show
12 people men/ female – 18-99 years old of all races

We will shoot both stills & moving images for this art show. Sean was trained as a dancer.
The people should have a back ground in dance / movement /yoga or performers that can move.
It’s not a full out dance routine in any way but it helps when they know how to move & they are not shy.
We are looking for people that can dance, jump & act we want them to create amazing shapes with their
bodies. We are not looking for people that just look like commercial dancers.
We want to cast a mix of ages & body types. We want all types of moves & people with interesting faces.
We want to shoot them at a very slow shutter speed so we can capture every move on their faces of joy &

We don’t want to cast catwalk models they must have some character to their faces

Look at theses images as reference

Don’t forget theses are just the feel

If the links don’t link copy & paste them to your browser×675/p01h7xn9.jpg–vintage-dance-vintage-style.jpg

Many Thanks
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