Casting Call: When we arrive ( feature film ) Update

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting                 

Shooting Location: Oman 

Casting: When we arrive ( feature film )

Casting date Ongoing / Self TAPE /  CASTING STUDIO  

Shoot Dates: Overall  14th feb-7Th march 21 + 1 week  for any reshoots 

Callbacks:                 TBC 

Fees     low budget  independent feature film TBC 


We are casting a low budget  independent feature film in Arabic.

The production was due to start filming in jan & due to the pandemic dates have moved.

Artists that have auditioned are still being considered.

The director is keen to see a few more options. 

The film  has a very touching script.

The film has great parts for both child & adult performers.

 Actors will be paid a weekly rate + travel  accom per diems etc 

We are looking for performers that speak classical Arabic fluently.

Please check before you suggest artist.

 Requested suggestions will be asked to  self tape in classical Arabic. 

We have a very fast turn around on this production 

The film 

The United Nations estimates at least 2.5 million migrants worldwide were smuggled in 2019.

The story is set around a group of strangers in the middle east  now refugees that were forced to leave their homeland. They are being smuggled in the back of a truck. Each person has their own story to tell .

We are looking to cast actors that speak fluent Arabic.

They can be based in the UK / EU / Middle East/ Canada/ US

This movie  will be filmed just outside Muscat in Oman on a massive estate with accommodation.

Artists will be required to  take a covid test before travel & on set.

This will be paid for by production.

Both artists & crew will be asked to quarantine in Oman for the 1st 5 days. 

It will be a closed set with a  small crew 

Full COVID safely measures will be in place on the set. 

Artists may have to quarantine when they return to their home country.

We have scripts in both English / Arabic text

 All talent must  speak fluent classical Arabic .

 Please check with the talent before suggesting .

Talent should be of middleastren heritage & speak classical Arabic.

Aisha female ( lead)

Arabic / middle eastern heritage  

must be fluent in classical Arabic.

Playing age 30’-40’s  she looks a bit older due to stress.

She was a middle class homemaker & mother. Aisha’s husband was killed in a bomb attack.

Asiha is hiding in the back of her truck trying to escape to a safe place with her 9-month-old baby Luna who she lives for.Asiha used to watch a lot of Turkish soap operas but stopped because of the war

Osman male ( lead)

Arabic / middle eastern heritage 

 must be fluent  in Classical Arabic.

Playing age 16 turning 17 years old.We would like to cast an actor 18+ 

He is a teenager he has nothing in life apart from his football shirt.He is not a big reader ,he loves football,pulp fiction he listens to a lot of sad music like cigs after sex ,1975 . Before the war he would look after his grandmother. 

PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS BY Weds  20th Jan 2021  2pm GMT 

Suggestions to –

Subject part name

 When we arrive ( feature film )

Many Thanks

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