Casting Call: Annovera – Birth Control.

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting                 

Production: Annovera – Birth Control.


Casting: 7&9 Jan 2019 

Shoot Dates: 18th-23rd Jan

Callback: 13th Jan – no fee. 


Talent Rates: ALL IN USD

600$ per shooting day / 300$ per travel or prep day

Estimating 2 travel days and 2 shoot days – (Fitting fee included as will be on a working day)

Shooting hours out of the UK 12hrs inc of 1 hr for lunch / day starts from call time to wrap. (not from car pick up/ drop off)

Economy flights if flight is less than 5 hrs. 

Per diem – $45 per day / Overtime 20% per hr/Plus 20% agency fee

Cars to and from UK airports- to be added to invoice.


Buyouts Options

VIDEO: $3,500 USD per year, plus 20% agency

Defining Usage: 1 year – Social + Online (World Wide), Industrial (US, including all commonwealths and territories) including Industrial, POS, outdoor + events (Outdoor will not include poster or OOH)

All lifts edits and versions. 


Option for Broadcast Buy:

1 year TV –  USA ONLY – $7000 per year. plus 20% agency. – All lifts edits and versions. 


PRINT: $6,000 USD -plus 20% agency.  

Defining Usage: 2 Years with Exclusivity in Female Contraceptive Category.

US – Including all commonwealths and territories. (with the exception of electronic media which is worldwide) 

Defining Usage:

Print: Unlimited, unrestricted use in any and all media. Including all electronic media which includes but is not limited to social media, banner advertising, digital display, and website. Only excludes broadcast/TVC use.  This covers all images captured in the sessions.


Subsequent Video Buyouts for all options:

2 years is the same plus 10% increase. 

3 and 4th year really should be negotiated in good faith not many model agents will pre agree this far ahead.


Happy to consider all dress sizes. As long as models / actresses appear to be fit and healthy. 

Some of the models will be wearing just their underwear: must feel confident with their body. ————————————————————————————————————————————

Female: Asian / Asian Heritage. Playing age 23-35

Female: Black & mixed black Heritage. Playing age 23-35 Female: Mixed ethnicity / ambiguous ethnicity. Playing age 23-35


Fun, confident women, with a sense of humour and an attitude (but a good attitude).
Self-assured but not self-involved. If you can’t be her, you want to be her friend. Must be confident on camera, not shy, outgoing. We see her dance like nobody is watching. (does not have to be a dancer but love to see some) Cool, quirky, charming, magnetic.
Unusual features VERY WELCOME: teeth gap, freckles, big natural hair, super short hair etc

Ideally have nice hands. 


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