Best Moments of 2016

Here at Mark Summers, 2016 has been all about female empowerment.

However, we actually think we have done rather a good job of empowering both men and women this year from all over the globe. We are, after all, known for our diversity!

For Mark, 2016 has been all about working on inspiring projects that empower women. ‘I love casting real people, with real stories.’ His favourite advertising campaigns were for Dove and Like A Girl for Sports England. He also loves the fact that we are doing more global casting than ever. He predicted the rise of globalisation of casting 20 years ago, and now it is really happening.

Natalie, a happy addition to the office team, thoroughly enjoyed working on a wide range of projects. Her favourite this year was also the This Girl Can campaign.

‘I got to speak with some truly inspiring and determined women. They were brave enough to share their stories with us and I was touched to be part of that. Whether they were selected for the final casting, or final spots in the advert, the women’s stories made me think that it really doesn’t matter what your ability, your size or your age is- If you want to do it, you can. I now am back in the gym and trying to reach my goal of running a 5k this summer with my boyfriend.’

For Louise, her best moment was the Pearson Education campaign. ‘I found this job not only a challenge, but extremely inspiring. I had the chance to talk with some great people from all other the world including a palaeontologist, a Polar explorer and the lovely Bruce Gooch who is a professor in computer science with an amazing teaching ethic.

Bruce also lives in Texas, a place close to my heart! Bruce was then lucky enough to be booked on the job! It’s not every day in casting you get to be inspired by such amazing people around the globe.’

Daphne also loved working on Pearson Education. ‘I got to hear their personal stories about studying, passion and commitment. And I had the privilege to open a small door for them to share the story of their achievements to the world. It made me happy to see them up there, able to honour their experience, and inspire people at the same time. And it made me proud too for having found them!’

Sarah loved working on The Royals Christmas Special. ‘There was a super fast turnaround with John Byrne, the fabulous choreographer, flying in from LA for the day to do a same day casting session. We started at 6pm and finished in the wee hours of the following morning.’

Sarah adds: ‘There’s something about added pressure and tight deadlines that gives me a huge buzz- one of the many reasons why I love our industry. And the turn up of talented dancers was unbelievable. John and the production team were super happy with the results. I can’t wait to watch the show on Christmas Day!’

Andrew, most often to be found in his cave a.k.a our deluxe casting studio, found
meeting and filming all the amazing women for This Girl Can campaign his best moment.

‘We met some really interesting people with fantastic stories. Some had got involved with sports to make new friends and some had literally had their lives saved by getting active.’ 

Sam’s highlight was the dance casting for Google Pixel. ‘We put them in pairs- girl/boy, girl/girl, boy/boy- and almost everyone threw themselves into an acting and contact improvisation exercise I’d devised. Through this we got to witness some really beautiful connections and it was stunning to watch. The director, choreographer and client were all so happy to witness this unique energy the dancers brought on the day.’

Cherokee, our American intern, says her eyes were really opened ‘the first time I stayed late with a casting, and seeing for real how fast paced, funny and crazy a casting session can actually be.’

She also tried Marmite for the first time, and absolutely hated it. Other food obsessions came and went, including the bagel spell.

It was yet another fabulous and busy year at Mark Summers Casting and Management. Roll on 2017!

 Office party out at La Bodega Negra – Work hard, play hard!

By Clea Myers
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