Alternative Christmas Present List

As the days until Christmas tick down, the level of stress is slowly rising for gift givers world wide. Everyone is starting the search for the latest and greatest in technology and products and are cancelling their dinner plans for the next month to be able to afford them. But why not trying to save a little this holiday season and give the gift of experiences rather than physical objects that will probably be lost within in a month? Whether it’s for your kids, significant other, parents, or friends, there is probably an alternative that doesn’t break the bank and will help to make memories for the whole family.

Here’s a list of some creative alternatives to the typical Christmas presents:

Family Fun Day

Plan a day full events for your friends and/or family. See a movie, go ice skating, skiing, go to the zoo, or plan some other activities that would be fun for everyone. This is a chance for your family to make memories together rather than individually.

Group of ice skaters on ice rink.It-is-and-Escape-PriceGuideLady.co_.uk_

Theatre Subscription

Find your local theatre and sign up for a subscription! Theatre can be a fun event for people of all ages, and subscriptions often offer exclusive deals and discounts so it’s not too hard on the wallet, either!

Spa Gift Certificate 

Know anyone in need of a massage? Buy them a trip to the spa! A chance to relax and release stress is a simple yet very well received gift.


Gym Membership

We all know that one person whose New Year’s resolution is to start going to the gym. Help them out this year by getting them a membership to their local gym! Some offer great deals for a yearly plan or even a free trial just in case!

Gyms to check out: PureGymAnytime FitnesseasyGymONE LDNThe Gym GroupYMCA Club

Musical Instrument

Giving someone a musical instrument is a great gift because it means more than the physical object. It comes with the time and effort to learn it! It doesn’t have to be something too complicated like the saxophone or clarinet. It could be as simple as a harmonica, recorder, or ukulele! Simple and easy but still fun to learn!


Movie Night

Never underestimate how far a good rom-com and bowl of popcorn can go. Sometimes you just need to curl up with a blanket and there’s nothing like doing this with the people you love. 


Feeling adventurous? Check this off your bucket list and jump out of a plane with your significant other, sibling, or best friend! We guarantee you will remember it for a lifetime. Some even have special Christmas offers!

A New Hobby

Have you ever seen something and said “I want to try that!” Here’s your chance to give it a go. Whether it’s juggling, magic tricks, knitting, or rumba dancing, it’s never too late to learn something new! So why not get some lessons?

Young woman juggler is juggling balls.Lessonsprivate-dance-lessons-2


A cookbook is a gift that is really for the whole family. The recipes will be enjoyed by whoever gets the gift AND anyone the food is made for!

There all kinds of cookbooks available on Amazon and other online sites: Amazon Cookbooks

Donate to a Charity

The gift that keeps on giving. If you’re feeling especially philanthropic, why not donate to an organisation in need? Do it for yourself or in your loved one’s names. It will put a smile on their faces and yours. 

Here are a few lists of excellent charities to donate to this season: Top 7 Charities That Help ChildrenCharitiesSalvation Army

Do Chores You Don’t Normally Do

If you don’t do the dishes very often, try offering to do this after Christmas dinner! If your significant other’s car is in need of a clean, spend the day with a sponge and a vacuum! There are many things you can do to lighten someone else’s load for a day.

A Journal

Buying someone a journal is buying them memories that will last forever. It will allow them to keep track of the amazing things that happen in their life and they will able to be look back at them with a smile.  There’s also a classy nature to writing things down rather than typing nowadays.

                                                                          edb4e67024ae095785a74af87e724bd3                                   Writing-in-a-journal

Ancestry Test

Combine the latest technology with self identity and buy someone the chance to find out their ancestry! A small saliva test will allow someone to learn about and connect with family ancestors they never knew they had! What a wonderful and fitting gift for the holidays.

Order here:

So this Christmas, try buying your friends and family gifts that will not only save money but last longer. You won’t have to buy another gift until next year!

Good luck and happy Christmas shopping!

By Lindsey Davis, current Intern at Mark Summers Casting & Management
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