Casting Call: Twin Boys

Casting Director:                Mark Summers Casting
Project:                                 Luxury Designer Brand ( featuring a celebrity)
Date of Casting:                  Saturday 11th Nov 2017 ( No casting Fees)
Shoot Location:                  Spain (passports required children & chaperon)
Callback:                              Tuesday 14th Nov

Shooting dates:        1 or 2 days from Dec. 4th to the 8th, 2017 ( travel either side)

Please read carefully as there is spanish tax involved in the rates we have up’d the rate slightly so it accommodates the cost.     

FEES: Daily Rates: Secondary: 250 EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 350 EUR) + 20% Ag. / 150€ EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 250 EUR) + 20% Ag. (Chaperone) · Callback: 60 EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 80 EUR) + 20% Ag.Fitting : 60 EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 80 EUR) + 20% Ag. · Overtime: 60€ (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 80€) + 20% Ag.

Buyouts: 2 year package: 5000 EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on 6200 EUR)+ 20% Ag. (if recognized in the final edit) · Option renewal 3rd year: 2500 EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 3100 EUR) + 20% Ag.

Back up kid: compensatory package of 700 EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 920€) + 20% Ag./ 150€ EUR (with spanish Payroll deductions adding on = 250€)+ 20% Ag.(Chaperone) ** 50% daily rate for travel & down days, for kid & Chaperone. ( rate backup child will receive if not used)

MEDIA: 2 year worldwide, all moving media usage. Usage to include, but not be limited to, broadcast, paid digital advertising, and other websites, social media, Behind the Scenes, PR, PR digital print (screen grabs) collateral, OOH, and instore/POS. Archival and internal usage (presentaciones, eventos empresa,…etc) in perpetuity.

NOTES: All the fees will be included in the child payroll (Callback, fitting, travel, daily fee,..) The Agent will only invoice for the 20% Ag. Commission. As non spanish Resident, all the payroll will have a 24% of retention that each talent be able to claim back at the end of the year in their parent UK income tax.


We are looking for x2 main children ( same kid at age 2-5) we are also looking for x2 back up children of the same age, so we can consider Twins or single children – real brothers would be FAB!

*** Important*** to check with parents, if kids will be fine to be in a Ferris Wheel with the main actress. It’s 20m diameter.

Boy age 2/3

Looking for a very cute boy We require kids to have Light Skin tone & hair  red, blonde or very light brunette hair. NO olive or dark haired boys we need to match this child as our main actress son.

Boy age 5

As above just an Older version of our child.



Suggestions ASAP

Suggestions by URGENT TODAY BY 3PM 10TH NOV  

Many Thanks

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