Casting Call: Short film Casting for a fashion brand



Casting Director:                                        Mark Summers Casting

Date of Casting:                                          London Weds 10th May 17

Production:                                                 Short film for a fashion brand this not a commercial

Shooting location:                                      London 11TH May 17

Rates: £500 (maybe a long day ) online / in store remember this is not a commercial this is a short film

We just got this last minute casting.

We are casting a short film (not a commercial) for a high-end fashion brand its going online and in store but they don’t have a lot of shops. We don’t have a massive budget on this one as it’s a short but the script is amazing & the artists will be working with a great production company and very cool director.


Actress playing age around 40-60 years old

Accent Any UK or Irish. Playing a waitress at a US style dinner in the UK

Still Attractive, trim figure. she is a great character !

Think of Barbara Windsor / Lilly Tomlinson when they were younger!

There is around 5-20 lines maybe more.

We will send out the script before the casting

Suggestions ASAP

Suggestion closing date: today Tuesday 9th 630pm GMT

Many Thanks

Mark summers casting

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