Casting Call: Fastfood Commercial

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Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting
Date of Casting: Thursday 20th April
Casting For: Fast Food chain (Chicken)
Shoot Dates: 3 days W/C Monday 1st May 2017 / Poss Callback 24th April
Shoot Fee: See casting notes
Buyout Fee: See casting notes
Usage: See casting notes
 Recall Fees: NA 
Casting Notes: Rates/ usage & terms Use of the all footage by KFC, it’s group companies, affiliates and third party agencies nominated by KFC (“collectively Client”) which shall include the commercial and digital executions plus cutdowns, alternative edits and versions including alternative products and packaging, language and subtitling where necessary, rushes/outtakes, lifts/stills including on-set photography plus a “Making of” film, your performance, name, photograph and likeness (collectively “the Campaign Materials”)

Please Note:        All Fees include all insurance, tax and agents fees.

Obligation:           Artist is required to be available for up to 3 days W/C Monday 1st May 2017. Shoot location is expected to be in London.

The Artist must advise BBH if they would be unavailable, if for any reason outside of our control the shoot was delayed/postponed, to attend an immediate re-shoot. 

Daily Fe               £300 per 11 hour day 10plus 1 (overtime payable at 20% of the Daily Fee per hour following the 12th hour). Rehearsal/Rest/Travel days at 50% of daily fee. Wardrobe £50.

Usage Fee:            £3,000 payable upon first transmission if featured in the final cut.

Term of Use:       Principal Media is 12 months (excluding TV which is limited to 4 weeks use within this period). Secondary Media maybe used by the Client and Agency in perpetuity.

Territory:            Principal Media is UK & ROI. Secondary Media and non-territorial media i.e. on-line/Internet are worldwide.

Principal                        All forms of audio-visual media and communications including (without

Media:        limitation) any and all forms of television, all forms of online/internet, wireless and other on-line or off-line transmissions, including (without limitation) any and all forms of broadcast and transmission via terrestrial hertzian waves, satellite, cable, wire, computer or telephone networks (including mobiles), cinema, in store, public location, virals, podcasting and any and all electronic media whether now or hereafter invented without restriction.


Media:          All forms of Public Relations (editorial in print, broadcast, Internet and events), all forms of awards (including awards related websites and DVDs), and show reels, digital archive systems, any manner of internal communications, education and training, programme editorial, film festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions and the like without exception and Agency and Client’s websites (to include Client controlled and branded web pages, KFC YouTube channel), group company websites and intranets. All Agency promotion. (This is corporate use)

Options:        1) Option to extend use of the Campaign Materials for further 4 week bursts on all forms of TV broadcast in the territory upon payment of £1,000.

2) Option to extend use of the Campaign Materials in Principal Media in the Territory for a second or third period of 12 months (TV Broadcast is limited to 4 weeks in each years use) upon payment of £3,000 per year.

3) Option to extend use of the Campaign Material in Principal Media for overseas countries for period of 12 months payable at the PMA rate for that country upon first use.

4) Option to use of the Artist Image (stills and/or lifts from the Campaign Materials) for use in all forms of promotional print materials i.e. point-of-sale, window displays, mailers, leaflets, advertorials and digital use to include banners, mobile communications and social media for a period of 12 months in the Territory upon payment of an additional fee of £500. This use excludes any paid-for print and poster advertising campaigns.

Exclusivity:            The Artist must not have entered into an Agreement (whether directly or indirectly) for their services in relation to an advertising campaign in respect of advertising or marketing communications for any competitor brands e.g.; McDonalds, Burger King, Nandos, Subway in the Territory during the Term.

About the role…

Role 1  

Bearded Male
Male, playing age 30’s

A bearded square jawed man, He is tough & masculine.
Maybe a tattoo on his neck, or maybe a piercing in his nose… He could even be a biker or a cowboy, But not cliché, there is something cool or unusual about him.

Role 2  

Female, playing age 40s
She is a waitress in a southern diner, who has a bit too much eye shadow, dyed hair and slightly wrinkled skin. She was once prom queen maybe 25 years ago, but still young at hair with that flirtatious Southern charm.

Role 3  

Blues Singer
Female, Black or mixed race playing age 20’s

She is new to the Nashville scene a young blues singer; she is a hustler, playing from club to club. Be cool to see some really great faces, dreadlocks, Afro’s etc. ( don’t need to sing)

Role 4  

Young Driver (don’t need a license)
Male, mixed race, playing age 20s
He is handsome & urban, we see him wearing a gold chain, maybe even a gold tooth & some tattoos


Role 5  

Ex Jazz musician
Male, Black, Playing age 65-75

He has deep lived in wrinkles, he is an ex Jazz musician, his creativity shines through his eclectic dress sense

Role 6  

Party / Dancing Girl
Female, Playing age 17-21

She is pretty, but not innocent, she is cool & has been partying, her hair is tusseled & her lipstick smudged

Role 7  

Pool Table Guy
Male, black, playing age 17-21

He is cool, good looking & confident, maybe he has cool hair or something unusual about him. We would love to see any guys with Vitiligo for the casting also.

Role 8  

Ex record producer
Male, Playing age 60s-70s

He is ex record producer, has a well groomed beard & is still pretty cool, he could be slightly eccentric

How to apply…

Application must include: Full name, Contact number, photos etc….
Subject Line: CHICKEN
Contact: /
Suggestions Deadline: WED 19th APRIL 4PM


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All casting requirements are based on what the client has requested and not the view or wishes of Mark Summers Casting or any of its agents or partners.

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