Casting Call: Asthma Inhaler

Casting Director:                   Mark Summers Casting
Project:                                    Asthma Inhaler

Date of Casting: Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th – SEE BELOW WHAT ROLES FOR WHAT DAYS
Production Dates: Shooting 30 & 31st Oct & 1st Nov 2017 (In London)

Shoot Fees & Usage
The below fees are all in fees – please read what they are to INCLUDE!

Term: 2 years from 1st insertion.
Global-worldwide use, asthma category exclusivity, unlimited, unrestricted use, including but not limited to print, trade, DM, collateral, out of home, electronic/digital, video, social media, and new media for GSK Relvar and any and all co-branding applications. Video for e details and online 

Includes all outtakes from the shoot.

Artist retains the copyright and may use images for self-promotion.

 X 1 hero – All in fee £5500
X 7 adults – All in fee £3200 Per talent  
X 4 teens – All in fee £1800 per talent
Child Chaperone fee @ £80 per day
Child License Fee: £30
Role of JACKSON will be required for 2-3 of the shoot days inclusive in his fee & everyone else x 1 day Over time ill be based on £250 day fee so £50 per hour. 10hrs plus 1hr for Lunch (11hrs)

We require a diverse selection of artists, so roles relate to different countries & demographic regions.

No audition fees

Script 1

Role 1- HERO MALE Jackson

Our hero is in 4 scenes (other talent in 1)
Jackson’s world changed for the better when he first held his baby
In one of the scenes we see him soothing his baby back to sleep.
Jackson cycles (so more experience the better)
He is Caucasian playing age 35-50
Attractive looking.

Role 2 – Women
Female Caucasian playing age 33-36

Attractive looking.

Role 3: Teenage Boy
Playing age 15-17 years

Typical teenage boy, Caucasian


Script 2

Role 4: Women
Playing age 30-35
She is LATIN AMERICAN looking keen on women who look as though they could be or are from South America / Latino.
Attractive & Friendly.

Role 5 Male
Playing age 30-35
He is LATIN AMERICAN looking keen on any men who look as though they could be or are from South America / Latino.
Attractive & Friendly.

Role 6: Girl
Playing age 16-18 MUST be over license age but look around 17
Also South American looking please
She is fun and enjoys hobbies, music, movies, sports etc


Script 3

Role 7: Women x 2
Playing age 30-35

Looking for 2 women who are of black heritage
With a Friendly & aspirational look

Role: 8 Teenage Boy
Male Playing age 16-18 – MUST BE OVER LICENSE AGE

Looking for teenage boys of black heritage


Script 4

Role 9: Female (Chinese)
Playing age 33-38 women of Chinese heritage.

Attractive & Aspirational

Role 10: Male (Chinese)
Playing age 40-50 men of Chinese heritage.

Friendly & Aspirational

Role 11: Male Teenager (Chinese)
Playing age 14-17, Teenagers of Chinese heritage.


Suggestions ASAP
Suggestion ASAP by Tuesday 17th Oct 2017 (4pm)

Many Thanks

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