Q&A with Natalie Smith on London Fashion Week

Natalie Smith, who works at Varg PR, champions designers from Sweden and Denmark and shared some of her experiences at LFW with us!

What does a Fashion PR actually do?

With regards to Fashion Week the main work comes before LFW working on the guest lists, the seating plans and ensuring that you have received all the RSVPs before the actual show takes place. When it gets to the day of your show, the majority of late nights and early starts are all over. Then you can enjoy the hard work you have put in. It is a very rewarding experience.

Details at Burberry RTW Fall 2017

Burberry Collection 2017

What accounts do you work on?

As I am the Junior Account Executive, I work across all brands supporting the account managers and Director where necessary. We look after a range of Scandinavian and British Fashion brands, and work with a wide range of press.

How does your schedule change when LFW kicks off?

When LFW starts the majority of the hard work is done by the PR’s depending on your Agency and clients. You might work multiple shows and presentations during LFW, or you might not have any.


Emma Charles



We had one Digital Presentation this season for British designer Emma Charles.

A high quantity of our client base is Scandinavian, so Stockholm Fashion Week & Copenhagen Fashion Week is big for them.


What is it like to be on the front row, (or back row)?

This season I sadly didn’t get to attend any shows, but last season I was sitting 2nd row at Preen show which was absolutely amazing! Seeing all the press there and the new collections, with the buzz that you get from an experience like that, is truly inspiring.

I also sat 2nd row for the Christopher Raeburn show at Men’s Fashion Week this season which was a great experience.



What trends will we all be hearing about?

The big trends for SS18 are yellow everything and anything. Also, expect to see lots of ruffles on shirts, dresses, jumpers – they aren’t going anywhere for the next season.

Also, lots of pink – which I am very excited about.
And call it ground breaking, but expect the florals to come back for the next Spring/Summer season.

















How much is play and how much is work?

I would say there is a lot more work than play when it comes to LFW event planning, and working the events. There is always the rough with the smooth when organising an event.
All the late finishes and early starts in the weeks leading up to the big event can be quite stressful. However, once you are there and everything is in place, the adrenalin kicks in and the whole event just flies by. Once it actually starts it is really fun. The celebrations after the event are definitely more play than work.

Did you drink champagne for breakfast?

If only the fashion world was this glamorous for all… I usually started my day with a very strong black coffee from Pret. We did celebrate the end of the shows with a lovely chilled glass of Prosecco.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 13.08.00

Did you get to hobnob with a lot of celebrities? Please tell!?

I wasn’t around a lot of celebrities, but I did get to see lots of the glamorous fashion editors and press from London and abroad. Also many of the new, or rather up and coming celebrities, who are the ‘influencers’.
Did you dress up as well?

When working the events you wear all black so you can easily be identified by the rest of your team. But just seeing all the other glamorous outfits is always a treat. Getting in on the ground floor to see all the new trends before everyone else is rather special too.
Any hot tips for our fashionista friends?

It’s certainly not all glamour and champagne, but with a lot of hard work the fashion industry is a fantastic place to work.

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