Glen Power – Featuring in the new Rolls Royce Commercial

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Glen Power, actor and model, was recently cast in the exciting, new Rolls Royce campaign.

Glen was a model for a short while in the early 1990s, but other life events ended up taking over. Throughout the following years he was scouted several times, and then in 2014, at the ripe age of 40, he finally decided to take the plunge.

In that short time, he’s been fortunate to be cast in some great jobs and has also been developing his acting via various workshops and short films, as this is something he would love to end up doing.

Of the casting Glen says, ‘it was straight forward and fun which was made easy by the client being there, as they were precise in what they wanted, but also quite relaxed. Castings, in general, can be stressful when they (the client) are present, but I actually prefer that now, because they get to see me as the real person too- not just an actor on the screen.’

rolls royce

He enjoyed the experience of shooting. ‘I cannot rate Curious Productions highly enough as they really looked after us, and were approachable. We had 4 night shoots, so I was ready for the weekend rest by the end!’

On the shoot no one messed with Glen’s short hair, but he enjoyed wearing the high end clothes that Wardrobe provided, favouring the grey Burberry overcoat.

The production was shot around Old Street and Fitzrovia, and in the gorgeous Mondrian Hotel. As a self confessed petrol head, Glen says, ‘the best part for me was being able to experience the pure luxury and power of such an iconic motor car.’

rolls royce

As it was after all the iconic Rolls Royce, Glen says: ‘If I am honest I wasn’t really surprised by anything. I didn’t expect anything less from a shoot with Rolls Royce, although I was impressed by the attention to detail.

Glen says, ‘I am continually growing and always looking at ways to learn to stay ahead, as this industry is ever evolving! However, my main plan is to develop my skills as an actor in 2017.’

For Glen, being cast by Rolls Royce has really spurred him on, knowing that such an iconic, high end brand wanted him to represent them. For more info on Glen, please look him up on Mark Summers Management.


By Clea Myers
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