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When Lucy Wells first saw the Mark Summers Real Women Casting Call for Dove on Facebook, her first thought was ‘why the hell not!’

A native Londoner, Lucy lives in West London with her husband and two children, aged 7 and 9. She works part-time as a midwife at a local hospital as well as running her own business that provides Antenatal classes, and baby massage/reflexology.


 Lucy had no idea what to expect when she first came in for the initial casting. She found it weird having her interview filmed and her photos taken, but Mark helped put her at ease, telling her to ‘just be yourself’. Soon after her taster casting, she was invited back for a recall because the client liked her initial interview, but now wanted to meet her in person. She was then given the product to use and asked to keep a diary for a week.

As often happens in the Industry, Lucy hadn’t heard anything for weeks; she put her Dove casting experience to the back of her mind as an interesting experience, while getting on with her busy life.

Out of the blue, she received a call from our office telling her she’d been chosen to join the celebrated ranks of Dove women.

The commercial was shooting in Brazil over 5 days, and she needed to leave in 2 weeks time.

At first Lucy thought she couldn’t possibly go because of childcare issues, her work commitments and myriad other problems. Luckily, however, with the support and encouragement of her husband, as well as friends, she was able to commit and pack her bags.

She admits she was terrified the day she was due to fly out to Brazil. She’d never left her kids for that long, plus she’d certainly never done anything like this before. She was pleased to meet the 5 other women also chosen to feature in the campaign, in the airport departures lounge.

She says, ‘We were flown business class, a first for everyone and we were basically spoilt from the word go. It was brilliant!’


In Sao Paulo, the first 2 days were spent prepping in hair/make-up and deciding her wardrobe which she really enjoyed. They then had to pose for still shots, another first. The length of the days surprised her as they started early and didn’t get back till midnight on most nights.

On the shoot day, they were picked up at 7am. They were in hair and make-up all morning, with different wardrobe selections and then Lucy had to wait for her turn to be filmed.

Dove Commercial Coming Soon

‘The set looked amazing, there were masses of people involved and that’s when the nerves really did kick in. As a group we had spent the best part of a week together so we were all pretty good friends. We all encouraged each other and soon I just wanted to get going and do the Ad.’

Unfortunately for Lucy she was scheduled to film last so had to wait till 9:30pm to shoot her segment. By then she was getting tired and her nerves were rocketing. ‘The director was very kind and made me feel at ease immediately. I started to enjoy it actually and then before I knew it, it was over!’

They had one wonderful day off to look around Sao Paulo. She says ‘they were given a chaperone, a car, and we basically spent the day sight-seeing, shopping and eating our way round the city.’

Lucy loved the overall Dove experience. She says,’ I would never ever have imagined myself doing something so out of my comfort zone. I’m so glad I took a chance. It was a trip of many firsts and I’ll never forget it.’ 


By Clea Myers
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