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As a celebrity nutritionist and author of the Drop Zone Diet I am often asked by members of the public how they can achieve a ‘celebrity body’


For the Lady Gaga nutrition on Sky Living’s ‘Bigger Than Gaga’ programme the nutrition plan I devised for the girls is a combination of a number of nutrition/diet methods that Gaga herself likes to use. Before a gig she likes to do the 5 Factor diet plan which comprises of the eating foods that fall into the following factors:

  1. Low fat, quality protein
  2. Low GI foods
  3. Good sources of fibre
  4. Contains healthy fats
  5. Sugar free beverages

Whereas in her day to day life she sometimes follows the 7 colour diet plan to ensure she gets a varied diet.

All the girls taking part in the programme lived busy hectic lives and so it was important that I designed a nutrition plan that they had time to prep and to stick with. The menu below for example uses pre cooked fish that you simply add salad to, but yet offers maximum nutrition and would give Gaga a huge energy boost before a show.

Peppered Smoked Mackerel  Salad

150g Peppered smoked mackerel fillet (precooked)
1/2 chopped mango

1 inch cucumber chopped
3 walnuts chopped

tbsp cranberries

1/2 juice of fresh lime

100g spinach chopped

Place the fish on the bed of spinach, sprinkle over the cucumber, cranberries, mango and chopped walnuts then squeeze the lime juice over the meal and serve.

It was great working with the girls and the also my dear friend Mark Summers from Mark Summers Casting once again.


Me and Mark on set behind the scenes


Paul, Mark and myself before an interview


Lunch for the crew!….seriously on a healthy eating show!


Me and Louise one of the Gaga’s

Jeannette Jackson

The Drop Zone Diet

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Published Jan 11, 2012


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